Junior Roller Derby

PurplelogoThe Foco Spartan Babes is a not-for-profit junior flat track derby program, open to girls ages 6-17. These girls represent the future of women’s Roller Derby. The Foco Spartan Babes, along with several other junior leagues around the nation, have put in motion the task of developing the next generation of Roller Derby athletes!

The Foco Spartan Babes Junior Roller Derby program is designed to develop character, confidence, leadership, healthy habitsand social interaction in girls through the sport of Roller Derby. The Foco Spartan Babes program is designed to nurture and develop both skilled athletes and those who have not yet realized the champion inside of them. 

For more info on the Foco Spartan Babes Junior Derby program:
email focospartans@gmail.com or call 970.231.8007